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HyperLocal Cloud

Earn by charging a delivery fee for delivering food at the customer’s doorstep from the restaurant. The charge can be determined based on the distance between the food outlet and the customer's place. List restaurants on your food ordering and delivery platform and earn a decent amount in return after ensuring the credibility of any given restaurant and verifying its popularity amongst the audience. Earn as each restaurant’s order is processed via your app. You can decide the commission model- f

Launch OpenSea Clone or Like App with our Open Sea Clone Script

Use Cases Beyond the Hype Our solution, OpenSea clone script, aids you in building a platform with several variants of the industries. With your own OpenSea NFT marketplace, captivate the attention of music fans by providing them with the best interface offering deserve recognition to the masterpieces. Showcase jaw-dropping and unique art pieces of artwork on your OpenSea NFT marketplace and encircle art lovers worldwide to buy, exchange and sell rare arts. Online gaming is already trending as t

Software As A Service Delivery Model – Make Your Business Switch From On-Premise Software To SaaS – Hyperlocal Cloud Blogs

Software As A Service Delivery Model – Make Your Business Switch From On-Premise Software To SaaS “Technology is best when it brings people together,” said Matt Mullenweg, a social media entrepreneur, “But we believe that it has much more in the satchel. Smart homes, electric cars, voice assistants, and the Internet of things – these mentioned technologies aid human life by simplifying our daily routine. A similar situation is encountered by the businesses, for instance, the involvement of AI a

Everything You Need To Run Your Food Business Through A Delivery App

Everything You Need To Run Your Food Business Through A Delivery App After a long weekend, you finally thought of ordering a pizza long with a large smoothie. The first instinct of the Z gen is to pick up their phone and surf through the millions of applications listing high-rated restaurants and pocket-friendly as well. In the period of 20 minutes, a guy would be arriving at your doorstep with your order. This scenario is only happening in one part of a household; imagine more than a million

How To Build An Exciting Online Dating App Like Tinder?

Before getting started, we are offering you some insight on the ongoing dating app statistic. Sitting in the moonlight, thinking about one another, still confused whether they are the one or not. Please wait a sec. Let us fast-forward this blog and land in an era where relationships start online and make it easier for everyone to date. Yes, the time has gone long, in which our fellow friends, neighbors, and sometimes family also acted as one of the fellow cupid bringing the couples a lifetime o

Top 10 Tech Blogs In India

Blogging has long been an inspirational pastime, even before being hit by the technological wave of 2022. As time went on, blogging proved to be a useful tool for individuals to openly express their thoughts, speak their hearts, and even criticize something with which they strongly disagree. This is the most major benefit of blogging: it allows people to express themselves without fear of repercussions. Blogging covers a wide range of topics, including beauty, health, technology, and more. Cur

How To Start A Cloud Kitchen in Low Investment and Run Like A Pro - 2022

With the introduction of cloud technology, which allows for online purchasing, and the continuous Covid outbreak, cloud kitchens appear to be the only rational way to manage expensive rents and slim profits. The cloud kitchen, often known as the digital restaurant, is the newest trend in the food industry that has quickly established itself as a powerful restaurant model. With the current state of the restaurant industry, which includes fierce rivalry, exorbitant rents, and rising prices, Cloud

Hot Trends That Will Change the Future of the Food Delivery Industry

It’s never been easier for food firms to engage with their customers. While estimates vary, online food delivery sales are expected to reach $220 billion by 2023, accounting for 40% of total restaurant sales. The $24 billion online grocery market, according to Deutsche Bank, will grow to 120 billion dollars by 2025. The global impact of the Covid-19 pandemic has accelerated this hypergrowth, but it was made possible by the (relatively) recent proliferation of fleet types and delivery models suc

HyperLocal Cloud

Save On Fess With An Online Ordering Platform To Suit Your Business Needs Do away with shedding bucks for paying aggregator commission and bring your own branded app & website in place. You deserve to save your hard-earned money by going in for a single restaurant online ordering system. Save $1000 and more every month Claim Your Success Spot & Bring Your Brand To The Forefront Our single restaurant ordering system assures to offer a user-friendly interface so that you can deliver what you promi

How Blockchain Technology and Its Application is Changing the Automotive Industry?

How Blockchain Technology and Its Application is Changing the Automotive Industry? Nowadays the blockchains are incredibly popular. Many of us are entirely unaware of how they work, what problems do they solve, and how can they come into use? As the name suggests, a blockchain is a series of blocks that contain data. The technique was initially described in 1991 by a group of researchers, and it was studied to timestamp digital documents. It seems pretty impossible to backdate them or to tamper

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